Hot Wheels Car Key

 by schnurrbart Whether you’re an old school Hot Wheels fan, a classic car junkie, or just want to up your key game, this Hot Wheels Car Key build is a quick, simple way to… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Solar Weather Station

 by PiJuice Spurred on by the completion of my two previous projects, the Compact Cameraand Portable Games Console, I wanted to find a new challenge. The natural progression was an outdoor remote system… I wanted to… Continue reading

Complete DIY Raspberry Pi Weather Station with Software

 by kkingsbury Back in late February I saw this post on the Raspberry Pi site.… They had created Raspberry Pi Weather Stations for Schools. I totally wanted one! But at that time (and… Continue reading

DIY Portable USB Solar Charger ($20 – 4 Ports)

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Ikea Besta Jagra hack – hiding A/V equipment for under $20

 by hbomb9000 In this Instructable, I’ll chronicle the steps my wife and I took to plug the A/V opening on the Ikea Besta Jagra. We decided we needed to do something because our 8… Continue reading

Solar Scare Mosquito by gallactronics

Every year, over a million people are killed by malaria. The only solution to this problem is to destroy mosquito breeding grounds and curb the problem at source. As mosquitoes breed in stagnant… Continue reading

Create Your Own Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Weather Station

 by SwitchDocLabs In this Instructable you will learn: How to build a solar powered system How to design and size the panels and batteries How to gather data to analyze your system performance How… Continue reading

Build Your Own Smartphone

This &w=640&h=360] tutorial brings you from start to finish in constructing your very own smartphone. You will start by 3D printing a case, then soldering printed circuit boards together, assembly, and finally installing… Continue reading

Wall Mounted Charging Station Shelf

 by EYSpace Finding a dedicated spot to charge electronic devices while keeping the wires tamed and out of sight can be a challenge. And when you live with roommates, the problem can get even… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Internet Weather Station

 by jimk3038 This Instructable will show you how to build a really cool Raspberry Pi Internet-based weather station. Actually, to call this build a “weather station” is a bit of an under statement. This… Continue reading