Solar Power, Weather and the Raspberry Pi

SwitchDoc Labs is in the process of building a Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Weather Station.   The design will be released as a SwitchDoc Appnote, an Instructable and a series of posts on… Continue reading

Turning Styrofoam Into Aluminum is Surprisingly Easy

To &w=640&h=360] start, you’ll need to cut a model of your soon-t0-be metal creation out of foam. Thompson suggests using foam board from the dollar store, but foam housing insulation or craft blocks… Continue reading

Weather station based on Raspberry Pi

 by pedrobaco This is a simple project for a weather station. Initially it reads temperature, pressure and humidity. Next step is to measure wind direction and after that wind speed. The base of the… Continue reading

Making a powerful programmable keypad for less than $30.

 by johnofe Products like the X-Keys programmable keypads are a great companion for anyone who uses hot-key heavy software like PhotoShop. They allow you to lay out all your hot keys on one small… Continue reading

Laser engraving machine (Producing Laser Engraving Machine by Using Wasted CD-Drive or Printer)

 by 344185151 Are you still worried about what gifts are best suited for your friends? Do you want to choose something creative to express your sincere wishes? With the advancement of the economy, higher… Continue reading

Create a DIY tablet stand

 by projectsugru Tablets are great for surfing the web and can help hours pass like minutes. But anyone who has held one for a while will know the ‘arm ache’! If you find yourself… Continue reading

Paper Speakers

 by Jess Rowland This project explores the technical, design, and aesthetic possibilities of 2-D, flexible audio speaker technology. The premise underlying this exploration is the idea that sound can be thought of as a… Continue reading

Fire Tubes – Original and New Compartment Design

 by Not-Dead Undead Fire Tubes, my straw survival hack is back by popular demand with upgrades. Yes, compartments! After rigorous testing and many cold beers I have a solution for those wanting compartments. These… Continue reading

DIY Solar Bottle bulb and Mobile charger

&w=640&h=360] I had uploaded DIY Solar bottle & Mobile charger video. Bear with quality and some mistake if found in the video. I tried extremely hard to make this Instructable as simple as… Continue reading

Portable Welding Table / Kit

 by BoilingLeadBath A different approach to the “welding table” problem. As I see it, one of the primary advantages of the little (~100 A) arc welders is their portability, due to small footprint and… Continue reading