Plant Pots to Water Fountain

Update: August 4, 2013This little project completed on a whim has received a lot of unexpected attention. So far on Hometalk it has received well over 16,000 views!  I’m thrilled so many of you think… Continue reading

Malm Nightstand morphs into mobile projector station

Materials: Brada laptop stand (black), Grundtal hanging shelf, LANSA handles, Malm nightstand (black-brown), Rill casters We needed a way to use a projector, attached to a computer, for presentation purposes. It also had to… Continue reading

Boston school uses iPhone for Earth photo mission

3 July 2014 Last updated at 22:18 BST  Students have captured images of Earth after launching their own mission. The pupils, from Giles Academy in Boston, Lincolnshire, used a balloon fitted with an iPhone… Continue reading

Into the Looking Glass: 3D Scanning Scenes 101

Sometimes if you just want to scan individual people, a turntable works out better. Here’s a little clip of how that system works. Note: I added a spotlight on top of the scanner,… Continue reading

NOT Expensive Glass Whiteboard

Materials: TORSBY + RIBBA + 1/2″ Mirror Hardware Description: I wanted to outfit my home office with a Glass Whiteboard. After shopping around I was astounded at the cost of these… easily starts off at… Continue reading

DIY: Homemade Cleaners

JULY 21, 2011 BY JEN   By Contributor Sarah from Chickie Momma Crafts: My boys, especially my oldest, is getting to the age where he loves to help me.  I love to indulge this stage (since I… Continue reading

sugru loves LEGO

  LEGO is the world’s favourite building block. sugru is a little bit magic. Combine the two and you’ll see the world with new eyes – everything becomes a building block! SEE SUGRU… Continue reading

Ivory Soap in the Microwave

/> Ten &w=640&h=360] bonus points for anyone who can reference my children’s ramblings about “the great devourer.” I don’t know how it does it- but it starts growing!  Sometimes the “clouds” are seriously… Continue reading

A Practical Zeer Pot (non-electrical refrigerator)

 by Berkana A zeer pot is an evaporative cooler used in rural Africa and parts of the Middle East to keep vegetables fresh. They consist of two terra cotta pots, one nested inside the… Continue reading

Terra Cotta Fountain How To

 by cneedham Want to enjoy a nice fountain, but don’t want to spend $300 – $400 on a clay fountain. and don’t want a cheaper plastic one either.  This fountain costs about $100 to… Continue reading