Conductive Paint

 by 24Eng   The goal of this experiment was to try to find an alternative to commercially available conductive paint. It is incredible stuff but expensive. I’ve read other Instructables like Makerboat‘s $1 Conductive Ink and IceCats‘ Paper Electronics.… Continue reading

Universal Portable USB Charger

 by 3zuli   Hello! In this Instructable I will show you how I built myself a universal portable USB charger. I am soon attending a weekend festival with camping and I realized that my… Continue reading

Venus Fly Trap

 by TechKiwi This cool little device was designed to behave like a real Venus Fly Trap. This very unique project is a lot of fun to make and play around with and it… Continue reading

REVOLVE // A hardware-less coffee table

 by Nesserz   So last year when I had a bit of down time before moving from icy Calgary to sunny-ish San Francisco. I thought I would try my hand at 123D Make and use it… Continue reading

Ferromagnetic fluid

Making your own ferromagnetic fluid (ferrofluid) is super easy, and it uses the same easy to get black iron oxide powder as the magnetic putty. The best thing about ferromagnetic fluid is that… Continue reading

Better helping hands

Materials: Ikea Komplement I used the Ikea Komplement valour bracket as a base for mounting a pair of flexible coolant hose “arms”, which have crocodile clips attached at the ends to hold circuit boards… Continue reading

Modern DIY Wood Pendant Lamp

 by homemademodern   Create a DIY wood pendant lamp from a scrap piece of 3/4″ thick pine. This is a simple project but requires some precise cuts from a compound miter saw. A series… Continue reading

Beach Buddy: 3-in-1 Solar Phone Charger

&w=640&h=360]   the ideal beach trip. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the water is warm, and the humidity is low. You and your friends have everything you need to soak… Continue reading

Emergency USB Solar Wall Socket: Solar Socket

/> Please click below to visit our Kickstarter project page for Solar Socket and pre-order a production model! The first ever solar powered USB home wall socket for emergency and everyday use! … Continue reading

JANSJO Mounting Bracket

JANSJO lights are a great versatile and cheap source of light, but not the right choice for every desk. This 3D printed mounting bracket makes it suitable for smaller desks and workbenches. Materials… Continue reading