sugru loves LEGO



LEGO is the world’s favourite building block. sugru is a little bit magic. Combine the two and you’ll see the world with new eyes – everything becomes a building block!


Make everything LEGO compatible with sugru

Make everything LEGO compatible with sugru

It is already one of the most versatile toys out there, but add some sugru into the mix and the possibilities of what to make with LEGO become endless! Not only can you make any toy compatible with LEGO and thus multiply your kids’ play options without buying any new toys, you also can make awesome little helpers around the house with LEGO and sugru. One dad has sent us his great idea of using sugru for building more complex train tracks with LEGO. Another really handy project is to make a LEGO key holder. And we had a lot of fun here in the sugru HQ when experimenting with how to make LEGO adapters to mix and match toy parts, as you can see in the video we made. Check out all the super projects with sugru and LEGO below!